MMT: Running Mates

The Muppet Candidates have officially chosen their running mates! After all, we can’t have a Muppet President without a Muppet Vice President. Someone needs to be one heartbeat away from the Big Chair. Wait…do Muppets actually sit in chairs?

Round 4 Voting

Round 4 voting is open! You can vote every 5 minutes until the end of Friday, April 22. Fan support has been amazing, contact us if you’d like to contribute something to the tournament page!


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The B.I.G. Final Showdown

The most popular characters face off against each other, leaving the very best to face the rest of the Muppet candidates.

    • Fozzie Bear and Beauregard
      Fozzie Bear and Beauregard

      It’s almost time for the final number! Who better to bring some extra buffoonery to Fozzie Bear’s act than Beauregard, the trusty (and not a little inept) janitor of the Muppet Theater?

    • Fozzie Bear and Beauregard
      Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn

      Some said Prairie Dawn was an unlikely pick to run alonside Cookie Monster, but let’s face it…somebody’s got to keep this monster in line!

  • This is a 2-Way Match

    Vote for the one character you’d like to move on to the Great Presidential Election next week.

    Round 4 - Fozzie Bear vs Cookie Monster

    • Fozzie Bear (68%, 1,615 Votes)
    • Cookie Monster (32%, 777 Votes)

    Total Voters: 2,392

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The Snooty, Silly, Weird & Wild Faceoff

The most interesting characters pick their most interesting friends to help them in this most interesting venture. Interesting.

    • Uncle Deadly and Gloria Estefan
      Uncle Deadly and Gloria Estefan

      He’s keeping everyone’s secrets. He handles Piggy’s wardrobe, her schedule, her catering…and her pets! He’s the master when it comes to politics, and with this Argentinian fuzzball by his side, he’s determined to rule the world! Er…to be Muppet President, we mean.

    • Red Fraggle and Lanford
      Red Fraggle and Lanford

      Sometimes the best enemies make the best of running mates. That’s happened in politics, right? Mokey has graciously lent her predatory pet plant to the political process, because you just never know who could win!

    • Wembley and Lou Fraggle
      Wembley and Lou Fraggle

      His running mate is simply mad about her wimp! Lou Fraggle, the ever-reliable gal pal joins the wonderful Wembley in his bid for the Muppet presidency.

    • This is a 3-Way Match

      Vote for the one character you’d like to move on to the Great Presidential Election next week.

      Round 4 - Uncle Deadly vs Red Fraggle vs Wembley Fraggle

      • Uncle Deadly (51%, 1,309 Votes)
      • Wembley Fraggle (43%, 1,102 Votes)
      • Red Fraggle (6%, 145 Votes)

      Total Voters: 2,556

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The Voting Process

The voting process for Round 4 is a little different depending on which characters are involved. The B.I.G. party race is a simple 1:1 matchup, but the other matchup is a 3-way contest. In both matchups, you can vote for only one character (and only one winner will come out of each).