It's Time to Play!

Vote for your Favorite Muppet Characters!
Sing a song. Dance your cares away. Start a whispering campaign! It’s time for The 2018 Muppet Madness Tournament!

What Is This?
This is the only Muppet fan-run March Madness parody tournament, where you the adoring Muppet fans get to choose your favorite characters in every matchup.

Great. How Does it Work?
It's easy! Vote for your favorite character in each matchup below, once every 30 minutes. After every round, the winners in each matchup move on to face off in the next round. Pick a favorite and vote them to victory!

Or pick several favorites! This is all for fun, so go crazy! And tell all your friends! We bet they’d love this too. After all, you're here, and you're super cool, so why not share the Muppet goodness with everybody??
Muppet Madness Tournament Round 1 Bracket

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The Muppet Madness Tournament Podcast is hosted by Steve Swanson and JD Hansel, presented by And it's hilarious.


Vote Every 30 minutes!

Kermit vs Fozzie vs
Cookie Monster vs Grover

  • Cookie Monster (36%)
  • Kermit the Frog (32%)
  • Fozzie Bear (18%)
  • Grover (14%)
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The Muppet Madness Tournament is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Workshop, or the Muppets Studio in any way. We do not own these characters or their likenesses. We’re simply a couple of Muppet fans who love these characters, and want to have fun letting fans vote for them in a tournament. For the official Muppets website, click here.